Juneau (Mendenhall Glacier) – Alaska

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Another must-see in Juneau is the Mendenhall Glacier! You can either book a bus ticket through the ship, or you can buy a bus ticket on the pier. Either way, it’s only $10 each way and definitely worth it!

This beautiful glacier has been receding over the years, and in the past 60yrs it has receded by 2.82km (!!) leaving in its wake the beautiful Mendenhall Valley, Mendenhall Lake and Nugget Falls. At the Mendenhall Glacier there is a visitor centre with loads of information about the glacier as well as videos and photos. There are also quite a few hiking trails in the area, one of which is very easy and takes you right to the foot of Nugget Falls. In my experience you can spend a good 2-3 hours at Mendenhall Glacier.

Once you get back to town, another treasure to swing by is The Red Dog Saloon. With fascinating interiors, live music and good food, this Saloon has been operating for decades and has stayed a favourite for locals and tourists alike.

When in Juneau, don’t forget to sweep your eyes over the treetops every now and then to spot Bald Eagles. I think your Alaska experience is truly perfected when you see these beautiful birds.

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