Ketchikan – Alaska

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In Ketchikan hubby, JP, and I went on Princess shore excursions. I went kayaking and he went snorkeling… in Alaska… (crazy?!) 😉

We were extremely blessed with fantastic weather for our day in Ketchikan. Usually, Ketchikan is overcast and soft rain will come and go, but the season has been particularly dry. As seen in the photos, we had clear skies and warm weather 🙂 what a treat!

For the kayaking, a bus picks you up on the pier and drives out to where the kayaks lay waiting. We had wonderfully skilled and friendly guides – thanks again Kate and Katy – who gave us our gear, some quick instructions, and an eagerness to start! Each kayak takes two people, so you’ll see Brandon (whom I had just met) in some of the photos – he was the engine, I was the steering ;).

For the snorkeling, a bus takes you from the pier to the snorkeling spot. There they give you all the necessary gear, as well as a nice and thick wetsuit! The group is led by a guide who shows you some interesting things in the water, including beautiful starfish, a sea cucumber, sea urchins and jellyfish! Apparently the water was actually not that cold… I’ll just take his word for it 🙂

Ketchikan downtown is also definitely worth taking a walk through. Towns in Alaska are so far away from each other, that each town is very unique in their style. Also, grab lunch at the Alaska Fish House. They’ve got fantastic (secret) recipes for their salmon pieces, sauce, fries, coleslaw, and even smoked salmon cornbread!

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