Vancouver – Canada (Part 1)

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Right in the heart of Vancouver, your cruise ship will dock at Canada Place. From there, it is easy to fill your day with all the must-see destinations Vancouver has to offer! In today’s post I will mention 2 top places to visit, and next week I will have 2 more for you 🙂

One of the top sites to visit when you stop in Vancouver with a cruise ship is Stanley Park. This beautiful park is surrounded by the sea, and has pathways all along the coast, as well as smaller pathways in the park. The route around is about 9km. I would recommend renting bikes and cycling around. This way you can see everything, determine your own pace and still have time to stop for photos. This time of year Vancouver also treats you to beautiful, clear, sunny days. We also took some of the smaller trails to the middle of the park where you will find the stunning Beaver Lake. The forest around you completely blocks out the sounds of the city, and it feels like you’re in a different world. Also on the route, you will find English Bay which offers perfect sandy beaches favoured by locals and tourists alike.

After our trip through Stanley Park we cycled to Gastown. Gastown’s most famous landmark is the steam-powered clock in the street, which also has a steam-driven whistle every 15min. The roads are made of cobblestone and you can find little coffee shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, art shops and all kinds of boutique-like places which give the overall feeling that you travelled back in time a few years.

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