Nawiliwili (Kauai) – Hawaii

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Nawiliwili is a small town on the island of Kauai. The beach is an easy walk from the ship, though there are many free shuttles to go there, as well as different parts of town.

At the beach area you will find many water sport facilities – surfboards for rent, stand-up paddling for rent, surfing lessons, kayaking etc. If you are not up for anything that active, you can also just lounge on the beautiful sand or grass, take a leisurely swim (the water temperature is very nice), or go to one of the many local restaurants for drinks or lunch. There are also quite a few souvenir shops in this area.

If the weather isn’t great for a beach day, I would recommend booking one of the ship’s tours in this port. The island is so beautiful with many scenic places to visit, so it will definitely be worth it.

For my day in Nawiliwili I went on one of the ship’s shore excursions – Zipline!! Friendly, local guys picked us up and took us to the outdoor adventure shop. There we got our gear, and headed out to the zipline site. It took about 25min to get there on a dirt road; mainly passing through private ranches, so it was beautiful! Kauai gets the highest rainfall in Hawaii, so everything is lush and green wherever you look! (Population about 70 000).

When we got to the Zipline site we got a good briefing on safety and how everything is done. All gear and equipment was checked, and emotions were running high ;)! There are 7 lines, of which the longest is 296m (970ft).  The Ziplines works by momentum only, so each line takes you a bit lower into the valley. It was a truly amazing experience! Everyone in the group had a blast; the guides were very good, well-informed, calm – much needed in situations like these 😉 – and friendly. At the end, we had time to take photos, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and snacks and water was provided by the tour guides. It did rain on and off while we were busy (the Ziplining takes about an hour), but due to warm weather and high humidity it wasn’t too cold, or too unpleasant. The river over which you criss-cross with the lines was in full flow, and has perfectly clear water.

All in all such a great port to visit with lots to do! Don’t be put off by an overcast day, the temperature will definitely still be warm, and a bit of rain never hurt anyone 🙂

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