Hilo – Hawaii

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For our day in Hilo, we decided to hire bikes…more ground covered in less time ;)! It was a fantastic way to explore the town of Hilo as it is very biker-friendly and so much better than spending time in a taxi.

We set out along the coast, taking the main road, but every now and then we took side streets to get to small beaches…and these small beaches are just everywhere! Exactly what you’d expect from a tropical island – palm trees, crystal clear water (I cannot stress the clearness of the water enough!), beaches with sand, beaches with rocks, beaches with tide pools (in which we saw turtles!), beaches with waves…! We also had a beautiful day, no rain, and the sun came out later on. Apparently we were very lucky to have such good weather as Hilo is one of the cities in the USA with the highest rainfall! Also, Hawaii only has 2 seasons: the rainy season, and the hurricane season! Who knew?!

The overall beauty of the trees and plantations are just amazing! I’ve never seen leaves that big! And of course the humidity is always quite high and the people SUPER friendly!! I was very, very impressed!

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