Savusavu – Fiji

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Savusavu is such a lovely underdeveloped area in Fiji. Where villages work together, people depend on the river for water, coconuts (with all its goodness) are used on a daily basis, cattle are free-roaming and the people are unbelievably friendly. For our day out, we went to the Vuadomo Waterfall.

This beautiful waterfall is about a 30min drive from the pier where the tender boat will drop you off. A taxi takes you to the village close to the Vuadomo Waterfall where you get to meet the locals, buy some of their hand-made souvenirs, and get some refreshing coconut water. From there the local children walk with you to the waterfall. The Vuadomo Waterfall has a natural pool, and I can promise you, you won’t be able to resist that pool after the walk from the village… not because it’s far; it’s just extremely hot and humid! But you won’t be disappointed! The water is so clean and refreshing. Definitely worth it!

You can spend as much time here as the day allows. I think it’s also great to know that a portion of the money you pay to go on this tour goes to the village you visit :)! If you want to head back to the Pier with a little time to spare, there are some great restaurants to try, and markets with souvenirs.

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