Lifou – Loyalty Islands

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You know those pictures you always see in magazines or in holiday ads, with the perfectly white beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees and sun sun sun!? That is exactly what you find when the ship stops at Lifou. I want to say it is paradise, but it depends on what your definition of ‘paradise’ is. No comfy beach recliners, umbrellas and cocktails, but instead untouched natural beauty, and an area almost completely underdeveloped…like I said, it depends on your definition.

Once your tender boat reaches the pier (I wanted to jump into the water the whole way! It’s unbelievably beautiful!), there’s a small local market with a few souvenirs and locally made food. Your options from here are the following: straight to the beach, a 1km walk to a great snorkeling spot, or a short walk to a church built near a cliff (from which you get amazing views).

That’s it 🙂 your day in Lifou is made to just relax, and enjoy! I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story…

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