Mount Maunganui, Tauranga – New Zealand

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When you stop in Tauranga, there are 2 things you just HAVE to do! The first thing you see when the ship docks at Tauranga is Mount Maunganui, and that’s where we headed.

There are 2 options, you can either take an easy hike around Mt Maunganui, or you can take a moderate hike to the top. Though it can get tough, and you might get tired going to the top, it is not very far, so even if you don’t exercise regularly, you will still be able to do it. The views, either around or at the top, are definitely worth putting your trainers on ;).

I’ve tried to put the photos in chronological order as we were heading to the top, and also around Mt Maunganui. The trail circles upwards, so you get a 360 view in the end. Just note the beautiful green pastures, and the sheep roaming about, with the wide blue ocean as a backdrop… only in New Zealand ;)!

What makes Tauranga so beautiful is the strip of land with the ocean on both sides, as seen from Mt Maunganui. It is breath-taking. On the one side you see the harbour beach, and on the other side an ocean beach with great surf, with only a few blocks in between!

Read again next week to find out what else awaits in Tauranga…

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