Napier – New Zealand

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Make yourself ready to spend the day outdoors in Napier :)! This beautiful town, on the eastern coast of the North Island of New Zealand, lends itself out to be active in any way that suits you: walking, running, cycling, kayaking… the list is endless! And if you combine it with other fun things like, I don’t know, wine maybe 😉 then you have yourself the perfect day!!

There is a free shuttle that takes you from the ship into town in front of the Information Centre within 5mins. Across the road from the Info Centre, you can rent a bike – which is what we decided to do. Extremely friendly and helpful Kiwis set us up with bikes, helmets, a user-friendly map, and off we went :)!

Napier and the surrounding areas is very very pedestrian/cycle friendly, so no matter where you decide to cycle to, there will be a pathway. We decided to visit 2 wine farms, about 20km away from the ship. Now, that may sound very far, but I guarantee you, it is flat the Whole way, very easy cycling and so beautiful, you won’t even notice how far you are going. The only thing to keep in mind is the ‘back on board’ time, so start early!

Our first stop was at Mission Wine Farm. They have a lovely wine tasting area (which is free I might add!) and a restaurant with a view over the valley. We did the tasting, and got a cheese platter in the restaurant.

From there it’s only about 200m to the next wine farm called Moana Park. They have summer concerts at the back on a big grassy lawn. Must be the perfect place to spend a summer’s evening!

The route back to the centre of Napier takes you along the river and through many farms which offers magnificent views of the outdoor treats you can find in NZ!

Back in Napier, we stopped for refreshments at the Six Sisters coffee shop. Now, there is a story behind that… In the 1980s a father of 6 daughters, built a house for each of them next to each other along Marine Parade. But in the year 1931, Napier was hit by the devastating Hawke’s Bay earthquake which almost wiped out the city completely! The only buildings remaining along Marine Parade was the 6 houses built for the 6 sisters… and thus, the Six Sisters houses :)! When Napier was rebuilt, the style used was Art Deco, and to this day this style remains and also makes Napier the Art Deco capital of the world.

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