Hobart – Australia (Tasmania)

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For our day in Hobart I did one of the ship’s shore excursions. The day started off with a short drive to Mt. Nelson, where you can take in panoramic views of Hobart. From there we went to the Huon Manor Bistro, next to the Huon River, for tea and refreshments.

A leisurely drive through The Huon Valley took us through the town of Geeveston and on to the Tahune Forest. The Tahune Forest has the longest treetop walk in the world!

The Tahune Forest Airwalk was opened in 2001. It is 619m long and has an average height of 20m above the forest floor. The airwalk was built to withstand winds of 180km/h and can take a maximum weight of 10 tonnes (equivalent to 120 people or 12 baby elephants). The Tahune Forest Airwalk gives you the opportunity to observe this magnificent forest from a bird’s-eye perspective.

Our last stop was at The Huon Valley Apple farm and cidery. There was a time when The Huon Valley had around 4000 apple farms! Today, unfortunately, there are only 40. One of the many factors includes the high export costs. At The Huon Valley Apple farm we got to taste an apple cider and a pear cider before heading back to the ship.

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