Sydney – Australia

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But of course we went to the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge ;)! These are probably the most popular attractions in Sydney. We did a guided tour of the Sydney Opera House, and though we weren’t allowed to take photos in the theatres, we still got plenty of good shots. I think it’s worth your while to do the guided tour, you learn a lot about the history of the Opera House, and also about the various theatres.

How the Sydney Opera House design came to be… The location was set apart to build an opera house, and the local authorities thought it wise to start a competition for the design of the opera house. 230 architects took part in the competition. As designs poured in, they were evaluated immediately and some were thrown out, and others were kept and narrowed down to a top few. It’s interesting to know, that the Sydney Opera House we see today, was part of the designs originally thrown out! Someone had the good thought to look through all the designs last-minute, and that’s how this design was chosen :).

The architect that won was Jorn Utzon. The only problem with his beautiful design was that it was only designed in sketch, not in theory. Meaning, by the time they started building the Sydney Opera House in 1958, they still had no idea how they were going to build the roof/domes! A project that was estimated to take 3 years, in the end took 17 years to finish!

The Sydney Opera House consists of 7 different theaters, the largest taking 2700 people.

The ship docks in the White Bay cruise terminal so do set your alarm to see the sail in – your view will include the Sydney Opera House and you will pass beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Around Sydney harbour there are many shops, especially souvenir shops, and restaurants where the lovely view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge will always be in the background of your photos :).

You can book a tour to the Sydney Bridge, where you climb up to the top. It is about 1300 steps to the top, and you are strapped in with ropes. It takes about 2.5 hours to go up and down. Apparently the view from the top is all worth it. This is a more expensive excursion, but very popular, so make sure you book online beforehand.

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