Darwin – Australia

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Darwin is a small town in the Northern Territory, Australia. This town was completely wiped out by Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and had to be rebuilt. In a few places in town you’ll see some buildings still had a wall or two left after the cyclone and it was preserved that way. Some of these include the entrance of the Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, the city hall, and a local bar.

Once you get off the ship you can either take a shuttle bus, or you can take an easy 15min walk into town (which I recommend). On your way you will pass by Darwin’s man-made beach as well as a wave pool. The reason for this man-made beach is so that locals, as well as tourists, can enjoy the amazing Australian weather combined with clear, warm seawater any time of the year. November-March is the season for those deadly Box Jellyfish in Australia, and by making this beach with nets in all the right places, there is no threat when going into the water. There is a small strip of sand, and then plenty of grass to sit or lay on. A few meters away from the man-made beach is the wave pool, probably made because the beach has no waves.

When you get into town you can see the ruins from Cyclone Tracy almost everywhere you walk. It’s really great that they keep on preserving these areas so well. And then before you know it you are right in the centre of town where you can shop for all sorts of necessities, souvenirs, and treats.

A little bit more on the outskirts of Darwin you can also find the Jumping Crocodile Park. These crocodiles live in salty water, so jellyfish are not the only thing that’s out to get you when you go to the beach! And, as their name states, they jump out of the water straight into the air. They jump so high that only their tails remain in the water. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to go to the Jumping Crocodile Park, but it is a highly recommended site to visit when you go to Darwin.

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