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Singapore, in my opinion, is a city with a lot to offer. First it is important to know that the train system (MRT – Mass Rapid Transit) works exceptionally well and easy. The stations are named after the attraction point at that stop, which makes planning your day very easy. If shopping is your thing, Singapore won’t disappoint. However, there are 4 main sites I would like to bring under your attention for a great day out in Singapore.

First, the Marina Bay. When you arrive in Singapore harbour, it’s impossible to miss this Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Architecturally it was designed to look like a cruise ship at the top. There are 57 floors, and a lift takes you to the top within seconds. Once you arrive you’ll find a luxurious setting of cocktail bars, restaurants, various pools, and – most importantly – the view!! Entry is free, and you can spend as much time as you like to take in the scenery around you, as the top decks offers a 360˚ view of Singapore and Marina Bay. Marina Bay also includes the Marina Bay Gardens, Marina Bay Harbour and Marina Bay Shopping Mall.

Second, China Town. It is easy to take the MRT to china town. There you will find many shops and markets as well as a variety of Chinese restaurants and souvenirs. Also, the buildings and temples around this area are very unique in design, so take the time to look up from the interesting street life once in a while.

Third, the Botanical Gardens. Again, the MRT brings you to the front steps of the botanical garden. Different areas concentrate on different plants and atmospheres. Here you can come to relax and escape from the busy city life that Singapore offers, and just walk around the park. One of the main attractions at the botanical garden is the Orchard Garden. There is also a food court where you can stop for lunch, a quick snack, or ice cream (which you will probably crave in the heat and humidity!).

Fourth, the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. I had the privilege to go to the Night Safari, which offers a unique experience of night life in the animal world – something not seen in your average zoo. The Singapore Zoo (during daytime), on the other hand, offers a look at pandas and polar bears!

Like I said, this amazing city has a lot to offer, so plan ahead, start your day early, don’t forget that it’s extremely hot and humid outside, and make the most of your day in Singapore!

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  1. All the attractions that Singapore offers can be overwhelming – especially if you only have a lay over! But sights seem very do-able and easy with the MRT!


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