Hong Kong

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Most people I know only think of one thing when Hong Kong is mentioned… shopping! And with good reason. Everywhere you look you will see shops and malls, with every brand name you can think of – Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior, Versace – seriously, anything you can think of, it’s there. You will definitely need more than one day if this is your main focus when you stop at Hong Kong, but get off early and make the most of it when you get there. The ship’s gangway actually goes straight into a very big mall – Harbour City – so you wouldn’t have to go far to get started ;). But if you are interested in doing something else; here’s what I did with my day in Hong Kong…

The ship docked nice and early so we got off at 8:00am in search of an ATM. Hong Kong uses the Hong Kong Dollar, and do not accept any other currencies. Right next to Harbour City is The Star Ferry Company. These ferries was founded in 1888, so they have an old school look, but faithfully carries around 70 000 passengers across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, every day. The rates are very affordable and it’s easy to get a coupon to use the ferries.

Once we got to Kowloon we started looking for a taxi or bus that could take us to The Peak Tram. Unfortunately the bus service only starts at 10:00am and the taxi drivers sort of refused to take us due to heavy early morning traffic. So, we decided to start walking in the general direction. On our way there were many signs to direct us to The Peak Tram. It’s almost impossible to get lost, and in the end it was a very easy 2km walk (though Very hot and humid so keep hydrated!).

At The Peak Tram station we bought our tickets to take the tram from the central district up to Victoria Peak. The first peak tram was finished and in use in 1926. It covers a distance of 1.4km with an elevation of 396m. At The Peak Tower there are a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment activities. The Sky Tour is a 360˚ viewpoint at the top of Peak Tower. This costs a little bit extra but is definitely worth it. On The Sky Tour you have a breath-taking view over Hong Kong. They also provide you with your own complimentary audio head-set which gives information about everything you see, including the different landmarks and the history thereof.

The sail-in and sail-away is also not something to be missed in Hong Kong. You won’t believe how many skyscrapers you’ll see on either side of the ship (there are 6588 high-rise buildings). Every night they also have a Light Show which you shouldn’t miss if you can help it. Being on the ship’s upper decks during the Light Show offers a very unique view.

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  1. Dankie vir die heerlike toere wat jy my vat, ek sien dit als so duidelik asof ek self daar is! Skryf nog baie, hoor? Vaar wel. xxx Dana Lamprecht


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