Keelung – Taiwan

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The port of Keelung is the gateway to Taipei, and what an interesting place! Most people would rush to get to Taipei, but there is plenty to do and see within walking distance from the ship right here in Keelung.

First there is the famous Night Market, that’s the one with the yellow lanterns. Here the local people (and some very daring tourists) will sit down for a meal at the different stalls. Any part of the animal you can think of…it will either be in the form of fresh cuts, soups, kebabs, or stews. Think Pig Blood Soup, or raw squid on a stick…! It is called the Night Market, as that is how it started out, but now it runs through the entire day and into the evening. The Night Market is about 400m from where the ship docks, so it’s easy to walk there, no taxi needed. In the area surrounding the Night Market, you will also find a lot of other small stores and stalls. These concentrate more on fresh produce or products, so no ready-meals there.

The next area we went to was the Keelung Sandstone- Rock Formations. We took a taxi there, but it was a short drive and public transport is not expensive (make sure the driver uses the meter!). These rock formations truly are something to see. Over the years the water has worn away the sandstone, and due to a mixture of sandstone embedded with rocks, these unique formations are formed right along the coastline. Of course, together with the beautiful greenery you see just about everywhere in Taiwan, it makes for a lovely picture when standing on the lookout point.

It was hot and humid, though overcast a lot of the time. So don’t be fooled by how it looks when you’re waiting in the air-conditioner on board the ship – light clothes, hats, sunblock!

If you do want to go to Taipei, there is easy access to trains and buses very close to the ship’s terminal.



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  1. Dankie Hester vir ‘n pragtige belewenis! Nou weet ons regtig wat julle aanvang. So spyt ons kan dit nie met julle meemaak. Mam


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